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Craigslist – Helpful tips

Craigslist’s best way of making money is to find work or a gig. This is the way to go if you are desperate for money. If you are currently unemployed, your goal should be to find a full time job. If you are looking for some extra cash, it is best to look for a part-time job or a paid gig. Craigslist will help you make money by listing all of them. Visit Craigslist Ad Posting Service before reading this.

Craigslist Tip #1- Post in the Services Offered

First and foremost, add a listing for services on Craigslist.
Even if this is your dream job, it can be a way to make some extra money. It doesn’t matter what experience or hobby you have, it can help you make money. Offer your computer repair services, lawn mowing, or babysitting.

But wait! Wait! Because Craigslist users sometimes are lazy. They don’t want to spend their time searching. All they have to do is post an “I require a” advertisement and get many replies.

Craigslist Tips #2 – Search All Craigslist

When searching for a job, or a paid gig, there are many benefits to using Craigslist. Many paid gigs such as freelance writing can be done online, so you can work for someone anywhere in the United States. For a decent job, you may be willing to move. Craigslist is easier to use because you can search every category.

But wait! What are the best ways to search Craigslist? Many websites and software applications allow you to search Craigslist and many other websites at the same time. Use these programs to search Craigslist and thousands of other websites at once.

Craigslist Tip 3 – Choosing Your Search Keywords or Phrases

Craigslist allows you to search for job opportunities in three different ways. These include:

* Enter your job title and search for office manager, writer secretary, construction worker or bartender. This is your best option.

* Type the job duties, such as customer service, remodeling, typing, remodeling, and writing. This is less efficient, but great if the hiring manager does not have a title for the job.

* Type in the company name, such as Burger King, Microsoft and so on. This approach is less reliable. Craigslist is used by a small number of businesses and not many large ones. Many do not include the company’s name.

Craigslist Tips #4 – Avoid Headlining

I generally recommend headline browsing. You don’t need to click to see a medium size leather jacket when you only need one. Job descriptions and gigs can be very different. Rarely, if ever, is the salary information even mentioned in the job description. Although it might appear like a bad job, this job could prove to be one of the best. Click to skim.