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Detox Diet Plan-Fat Loss Detoxification Plan

After spending many days, nights, and a great deal of time, money, and energy trying out program after program, your results were only temporary, if they came at all. This detox plan could be just what you need. You can learn how to lose 5-7 pounds using natural ingredients in only 1-2 week.

Detox Diet Plans Help You Lose 5-7 Pounds In One Week

It is possible to anticipate losing 5-7 pounds within a week. This may make you envy some of your friends. It is important to know that detoxification should not be done for longer than ten days. Otherwise, your body may experience adverse side effects.

After 10 days you need to keep your metabolism going by eating food rich in vitamins and proteins every three hours. This will keep your metabolism system burning excess body fat.

Food Composition during Detox Diet

The 10 day detox diet should consist of mainly nutrient-rich foods and anti-oxidants, as these can help to remove toxins. This is the standard of the detox diet.

Please don’t overlook the importance of drinking plenty of water, and taking vitamin C during this period. According to research, vitamin c helps burn fat. Vitamin c deficiency can lead to increased body fat.

Detox Diet Plan: Try It Now!

This is an example detox diet that you could try immediately:

Breakfast Plan Idea

Breakfast fruit salads with banana and yogurt. Add oats and seeds to your yogurt.

Lunch Plan Ideas

Try combining tuna with corn salad and prawns for lunch. Also, try rice cakes and avocado with baked potatoes. Drink a lot of green tea.

The Dinner Idea

Eat baked salmon and tuna with noodle as your dinner. Also, you can try a mixture of sweet and spicy stir fry with potatoes or beans casserole.