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What Features Church to Communicate

Apps enable the church to communicate with its community anywhere and anytime. It also expands its reach beyond Sunday’s church walls. Sometimes, however, app users have outnumbered church members by a large margin. This usually happens when church members refer the app, a specific sermon, or a daily devo to their friends. Look at the list below to get a better understanding of the potential of Church Software Helper technology.

Gifting via mobile

An easy mobile solution is possible, especially if your website offers a mobile-friendly donation portal. If it does not, you can easily change it. Instead of paying high-priced mobile-providing Software, Import the Web View from Your Website into your Phone.

Message notes

You should ensure that your mobile solution for sermons notes is suitable for tablet usage if you are using it. Most people use this feature on either an Android or iPad tablet.

Notifications via Push

Many aspects improve functionality. However, groups are critical for churches. Groups allow them the ability to target specific church members. You don’t want the women’s ministry news to spread to the general congregation.

Daily scripture/devotional

Daily inspirational content can be sent to the congregation and integrated into the sermon. This is a great way of connecting with them. You can automate this task if it is not possible to do so manually. Many providers offer free messages that can be automatically updated the app.

Video sermon recordings available

Most churches upload their sermons to YouTube, Vimeo, or other video sharing sites. This is a simple feature. Once Vimeo or YouTube has updated your app, your app will automatically be updated.


You’ll receive an email reminder and driving instructions on your phone. Also, the time that you need to leave your current place in order to arrive on-time. An increase in attendance is a sure sign of a successful event!