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Detox Diet Plans Introduction

Weight loss is not the goal of detoxification diets. This diet aims at cleansing and reviving the body through the use of natural herbs, organic foods and exercises. The consumption of sugar, processed foods and non-vegetarians foods can lead to an accumulation of waste in the inner wall of the colon. This overloads the liver and other cleansing organs. As they become slower, the bacteria and toxic substances are reabsorbed into the body instead of being removed through sweat, feces, or urine. The toxins can lead to fatigue, infections in the skin or other organs as well migraines. With a detox plan, you can get rid of toxins in your system and live an active and disease-free lifestyle.

General Detox Diet

This diet will not be suitable for anorexics or adolescents, diabetics with low blood sugar, people who have low blood-pressure, and those suffering from diabetes. To cleanse the system, you can follow a diet consisting of organic vegetables and fruits that are raw. You can gradually introduce other foods, but you should avoid processed and non vegetarian foods. Certain herbs are also suitable for use.

24-Hour Detox Diet Plan

You can easily and quickly revitalize your entire system after an overindulgence or binge.


Almonds and one glass of pomegranate fruit juice, the strongest natural anti-oxidant.

Mid Morning Snack

A bowl of brown-rice (sources of vitamins, minerals and carbohydrate) and a few tofu.


Then drizzle a teaspoon of olive or vinegar over the salad.

Snack during the day

One glass of pomegranate-juice and a few almonds.


You can have a glass of juice from pomegranates and a big bowl of brown or white rice.

You should drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. This diet is a great way to cleanse your body from toxins. It provides you with 1200 caloric calories as well as wholesome nutrients. The diet may assist in losing 600 grams.