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What you should know about American Flags

You’ve decided that you want to purchase an American flag. Google “American Flags” will bring up a surprising number of flag-related websites. The prices vary widely and the descriptions make it difficult to know if you are making the right decision for your situation. Come and visit our website search it on you can learn more.

You’ve reached the right location. This article will help you to quickly make the right decision. We’ll also tell you how to fly a flag with pride.

There are four major considerations that go into buying an American Flag:

Country of Manufacture

Country of Manufacture

Let’s look first at the country where the product was manufactured. This is a straightforward issue. American flags come from many different countries. You might also be aware that China is a large manufacturer. A flag of the United States made in another nation is considered un-patriotic by most people. A Chinese-made flag may be the best option if you are looking to get the lowest price. Or, you could get a flag made right here in the USA for a few dollars more.


Next, let’s take a look at materials. Fabrics can be made from three primary materials: nylon, polyester and cotton. Each material offers unique advantages. There are many options, and depending on the place you want to fly your flag.

Cotton – cotton is a beautiful textile. This is the ideal choice for flags which will be displayed indoors. It can have vivid colors. A flag with a cotton “body” may have graceful, flowing folds which look amazing in an indoor setting.

Nylon – nylon flags are perfect for outdoor use. Nylon is light weight and can be flown in very slight breezes. It can also be extremely strong. SolarMax by DuPont is a popular flag nylon. SolarMax nylon is durable and more colorfast than other nylons. Nylon flags will appear slightly translucent, which can be distracting from their appearance.

Polyester – this one is tricky. Polyester flags could be the most cost-effective or the hardest flags you buy. How is that possible? It all boils down a weight. Typically, flags made of cheap polyester will state “Lightweight polyester printed”. The keywords “lightweight”, and “printed” will tell all. These flags can be used indoors, where quality doesn’t matter.

You will want the strongest flag you can make, so a double-ply or two-weight polyester flag is best. These flags are made with a double layer of fabric. These flags can also be made from embroidered stars or sewn strips.