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Moldavite, Emerald Gem of the Galactic Heart

Moldavite stone is an exceptional stone that is also one of the strongest, and it shares the same color and vibrancy with the Heart Chakra as well as new energies. Each of these stones and crystals are magical and individual in their own way. They also have unique energies and properties that resonate with you personally and help you in times of need.

Let’s take a closer look at the uniqueness of this precious rock. Moldavite is a type of tektite. This mysterious group of glassy items is the result of a meteor colliding with Earth approximately 15 million years ago (14.8). It is believed that it fell from the sky once, in what is now the Moldau River Valley of Czechoslovakia. These rare green gems, which are only found in the Czech Republic and are a bit expensive, are some of the most precious minerals on Earth. These gems have been treasured by humankind for thousands of year and still receive royal gifts. Legends link Moldavite to the Stone of the Holy Grail. A “emerald”, said to have fallen from the skies, it is believed that Moldavite was a talisman for the healing of the Earth, as well as a talisman to increase one’s inner growth. Moldavite is undeniably powerful and even those who aren’t normally sensitive to the energies found in stones can feel it.

Moldavite is a versatile and interesting material that can trigger many different reactions. However, it is not something to be played with as its vibration can cause one to feel very drained. As your vibrational energy increases, it can also make it seem like you are losing power.

Moldavite has a strong Chakra opening and activator. It is particularly effective with the Crown Chakras, Heart, 3rd Eye, Crown Chakras, and Heart Chakras. While its energy tends first to move to where it is most needed in the etheric and physical bodies, it will also settle and center in our hearts.